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A Three-Step Guide to Improving Clean Energy Content Marketing

Why are you in renewable energy? Why do you believe in this industry? In clean energy, it’s not about what your selling, it’s about why. This is what your customers want to know. And if you tell that story well, those customers will follow you from education and consideration to purchase and even advocacy.

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Clean Energy Marketing: What to Do in Urgent Times

It’s no secret that the future of energy lies in harnessing renewable sources, like solar, wind and energy storage. The recent IPCC report highlighted the urgency of the clean energy transition. For those of us involved in marketing the solutions of that transition, our jobs just went from challenging…to critical. How can you make your marketing efforts more effective when the planet’s clock is so relentlessly ticking? 

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Writing with Light: Ten Tips for Solar Photography with Great ROI

Shining the best light on your renewable energy projects is imperative when trying to convey an effective marketing message. Investing in professional, creative photography and video will pay for itself many times over in the highly visual world we live in today. Here are some tips on how to create visual assets with great ROI.

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Six Ways to Keep Commercial Solar Stakeholders Interested (and Close the Deal)

Many companies are in the position to consider commercial solar. But the people involved in making the decision have day jobs. And they don’t have time to make solar a side project — together with all the issues in financing, design considerations, and all the rest. How can we make the process easier for them?

So how can you keep your commercial solar prospects engaged and eager for solar throughout the sales process?

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How to Turn a Great Customer Experience into Powerful Solar Content Marketing

In solar, when a commercial customer has a positive experience with your company or service, it can sometimes be tricky to turn that experience into effective inbound marketing. But if you nurture that relationship, even a large commercial or industrial customer can become a powerful influencer and advocate. Here’s how to turn those experiences into compelling and evergreen solar content marketing. 

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How to Optimize Commercial Solar Lead Generation through Integrated Marketing

For companies focused on the commercial solar market, the lead generation task can be complicated. Targeting multiple decision makers over a long sales cycle as market incentives shift under the ground beneath you can compromise your efforts. But with a disciplined, integrated marketing approach, you will start to see improvement in both the quantity and quality of incoming leads — and the speed at which you convert those leads to sales. 

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