Public Relations for Clean Energy Companies

Knowing how to navigate the complex, often frenzied media landscape we live in today can be difficult. At CPMG, we have developed and managed PR campaigns for organizations across clean energy – from startups to public entities – and understand the evolving media landscape.

Whether you’re introducing a new climate tech, announcing a strategic milestone, or entering a new market, we can help position your company and your news in a way that is both relevant to the media and advantageous to you. 

Marketing Services Public Relations - Clean Power Marketing Group

An effective PR campaign isn’t just about press releases and media pitches. Media partners are increasingly open to publishing well-written pieces submitted by external experts. Contributed articles and content bylined by your executives (and ghost-written by us) will be a key piece of our PR strategy.

How Does it Work?

We will work with you to understand your PR story and craft messaging specifically for this effort. Then we develop a calendar of upcoming news and noteworthy company milestones, and determine the right mix of content and outreach for each one. Through smartly targeted press releases, contributed articles, Q&As, fact sheets and other briefing materials, we position you for visibility and success.