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How to Solarize Your Nonprofit Organization

As the renewable energy industry, specifically solar, gains traction among the residential and commercial markets, a frequent topic of conversation is, “How can a nonprofit organization take advantage of solar energy?” Although there are challenges associated with a nonprofit taking the solar journey, it is doable, and can be an essential piece of not just

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AHA! How to Use the Element of Surprise in Your Clean Energy Content Marketing

In clean energy marketing, as in other realms of marketing, content is king. But to attract more qualified prospects to your web site and ultimately lower your customer acquisition costs, not just any content will do. You must consistently publish content that informs, satisfies and sometimes surprises your prospect base. To illustrate this point I’m

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Why Go Solar Now?

As we head into another scorching summer in Texas, the temptation to go solar is only natural. Look outside: Our roofs are drenched in untapped energy reserves. But with solar prices plummeting over the last several years, isn’t it better to wait until prices hit “rock bottom”? Why pull the trigger on solar now? Over

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