Marketing Strategy for Clean Energy Companies

Marketing That Gets The Job Done. Right.

No matter what you’re building — a solar business, a sustainability-driven organization, or a new climate technology — we can help you build it. At CPMG, we build your marketing strategy to tightly align to your business goals.

Our first step in any client relationship is to understand your business objectives and strategy. This is essential to doing good work for our clients based on sound best practices. Then we develop a plan that’s optimized for your needs.

Whether you are just beginning to develop your strategy or have an existing marketing plan that could use a strategic review, we’re here to help.

Solstice project - Clean Power Marketing Group

This 1.4 MW community solar farm, developed by Solstice Community Solar, sits atop a capped landfill in Dover, MA — an ideal location in terms of minimizing impact to the local environment.

Marketing Plans

During our initial work together, we engage in a process to discover more about your business. We will inquire about your sales goals and channels, your internal capabilities for achieving them, and assess your internal systems for any gaps in the marketing-sales process.  All of this is essential to building a marketing plan that delivers the leads you need, with the tools in place to convert those leads to sales.

Markus Spiske Sh A M Bu Unsplash Scaled - Clean Power Marketing Group

At the same time, we’ll explore your potential for thought leadership. We talk to your top leaders to understand the strategic vision. We talk to your customers, to hear what they have to say about your strengths – and the areas where you could grow. And then we look at your competitors – their strengths, their weaknesses – to see where your company stands apart.

The results of this research get folded into your marketing plan and inform your branding and positioning. This tells us on a deeper level who you are, and influences everything from your messaging to your strategic campaigns and your day-to-day social media marketing efforts.

If you need help executing your plan, we offer all the marketing resources you need, from design and copywriting to content marketing, PR and social media and creative production across all media.

Marketing Alignment Process

If you already have a working marketing plan in place, we offer an engagement that enables you to get a quick read on your strategy from an objective perspective. Where are the holes in your strategy? Are your marketing and sales goals aligned? Do you have the right resources to execute on your plans? Are your tactics delivering?