Branding & Identity for Clean Energy Companies

Early-stage companies often need help developing a clear, differentiated brand. But even established companies can sometimes use a brand or messaging refresh, especially as the market for clean energy solutions becomes more competitive.

No matter where you are on this journey, we help you take a step back and ask: Who are we? What do we bring to the market that’s different from anyone else? Then we build a brand and visual identity that expresses your company’s authentic personality and unique set of offerings

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How Does it Work?

We try not to overcomplicate the process. After all, the climate won’t wait.

A branding engagement usually entails two to three client workshop meetings, competitive market research and stakeholder interviews. We develop a complete branding and messaging platform that everyone in your company can use — from your front office to your marketing and sales teams to your CEO. If a logo or brand identity needs to be designed or refreshed, we do that, too. And we do it all efficiently.