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How do we talk about climate change? New study sheds light for clean energy advocates

Do our political affiliations influence our perspectives on climate change? According to a study by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, they certainly do. While this may not come as a surprise, what’s remarkable is the degree of unity among Americans on the urgent issue of climate change.

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A Three-Step Guide to Improving Clean Energy Content Marketing

Why are you in renewable energy? Why do you believe in this industry? In clean energy, it’s not about what your selling, it’s about why. This is what your customers want to know. And if you tell that story well, those customers will follow you from education and consideration to purchase and even advocacy.

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How to Craft a Killer Message for Your Clean Energy Company

Every great comedian shares a common trait: a hyperactive sense of self-awareness. Chris Rock and Patton Oswalt have wildly different comedic styles, but their ability to connect with us is based on our sense that they’re being completely, brutally honest. Crafting a message that attracts, connects, and finally wins over your audience is not unlike

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