About Clean Power Marketing Group

At Clean Power Marketing Group, we work with clients who are changing the world.

CPMG was founded with a core mission: to help clean energy innovators grow. The climate issues we face today are tough — but we believe they are not insurmountable.  In fact, many of the solutions we need are already available. With the right combination of innovative thinking, creativity and commitment, we can accelerate the adoption of renewable energy and sustainability solutions and build a better planet for our children.

We provide full-service, renewable energy marketing that’s built on best practices, not false promises. Bring us your objectives and we’ll create a plan that delivers. Whether you’re launching a new product, building your brand, or simply want to see a better return on your marketing investment, CPMG can help you achieve your goals.

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Is your marketing delivering the results you need? We’re clean energy marketing specialists, and can help you create marketing campaigns that achieve and exceed your expectations. 

The old model of full-service agency at full-service rates is outdated and out of step with our climate goals. The urgency of the situation we face today does not allow time to educate a general-services marketing firm.

Why pay for a learning curve when you can work with a team who knows the clean energy industry?

We are marketing generalists and content creators by trade, with access to specialists in every marketing discipline, from brand identity and creative development across all media, to SEO experts and 

Let’s make your clean energy brand shine.

We’re natural collaborators. Wherever you are in your clean energy marketing strategy, CPMG can help. We design a customized marketing program with the right team for your needs and budget.