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Why You Should Care About Solar Recycling, and What to Do Next

Solar energy powers 4 percent of the world’s electricity, according to The International Energy Agency  — the result of record-breaking growth in clean energy over the last 20-plus years. That’s the good news. At the same time, 8 million metric tons of solar panels are nearing the end of their (25-30 year) life expectancy and could be headed to landfills by 2030. Not so good.

Preparing for this onslaught of decommissioned solar panels requires us to advance the solar panel recycling process. It’s a critical step to fortify the solar industry’s effectiveness and reputation as a sustainable source of clean energy. 

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Reasons To Be Climate Optimistic in 2021

By Zubin Segal and Nancy Edwards The light at the end of the seemingly endless 2020 tunnel waxes and wanes with each day’s news, but we at CPMG are cautiously optimistic about 2021. With a vaccine now on its way and a new administration that believes in science poised to take back the White House, things

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