Content Marketing for Clean Energy Companies

Content is a cornerstone of any effective integrated marketing strategy, and this is particularly true in the solar and renewable energy industries. SEO-optimized content such as blogs, case studies, video tutorials, and even white papers, can go a long way toward educating your prospects and shortening your sales cycle.

CPMG has extensive experience developing compelling, non-AI generated content that is tailored for your business and expressed in your particular style. Our focus is always on finding the best way to tell your story, and telling it in a way that is as unique as you are.

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How Does it Work?

We work with your subject matter experts to understand the topic at hand. Often, external research is involved to provide a market perspective. We then work with your team to refine and polish the draft into final content that is designed as needed. Next, we push your content out to the world — through owned channels such as your web site, on social media and through email marketing and other communications. If appropriate, we pitch it for earned placements, too. We have great media relationships and can help you navigate the complex media landscape.