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What’s Your Story?

It’s a question that sounds simple enough, but can you answer it? Can you explain not just what your company does, but what makes it distinct and relevant? Can you tell your story in a clear, concise and compelling manner? If you can’t respond with a confident “yes,” your marketing could actually be doing your business more harm than good.

The renewable energy industry is expanding at a record pace, and all signs indicate that this rapid growth will continue to accelerate in the foreseeable future. That means you’ll be competing in an increasingly crowded market space with thousands of other companies.

How do you make sure your company stands out?


All too often, you don’t. Instead you end up reverting to “marketing speak.” You’ve seen it – and probably lived it — in presentations, on websites, in print collateral. It’s that all-too-tired, redundant or tedious language used by companies to describe themselves to the market: muddled or excessively detailed descriptions of what they do; vague explanations of how they add value.

It’s understandable why this happens. Often the responsibility to write the company’s story falls to someone who is not a natural communicator. Sometimes content is written by committee. And in almost every case, this critical positioning and messaging is not considered a high priority — until it becomes a high priority.

So how can you make sure that your story stands out? It comes down to authenticity. The only way to tell your story effectively is to truly understand your organization and its purpose. It is12278800_10208418955455164_3710505507371726744_n only by knowing exactly who you are and what makes you competitive that you can quickly, clearly and persuasively explain to the world why your organization matters.

Great stories don’t emerge out of thin air. They require time for you to live them, understand them, and be able to share them it in a way that is clear, succinct and memorable.

Most clean energy companies have a great story to tell. That’s the easy part. The challenge is to identify that story and discover the tone and language to tell that story in a way that’s interesting, insightful and persuasive.

So before you re-write your website (again), or revamp a new round of collateral, make sure you clearly and genuinely articulate the following: Why should a customer choose us? What is it we offer that no competitor can deliver? And why are we uniquely qualified to make a difference?

Then — and only then — are you ready to share your story. So get started!

And of course, contact Clean Power Marketing Group if we can help. We’re born storytellers. And we’d love to help you tell yours.