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Is Your Solar Company Ready for the Inflation Reduction Act?

Solar energy companies have been fighting the good fight on solar policy for so long that when news broke that the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) would include $369 billion (with a B) for climate and energy, it seemed almost too good to be true. But there it is, in black and white: a 10-year extension of the solar ITC, a standalone energy storage tax credit, and enough EV incentives to enable consumers to affordably enjoy complete clean energy systems for their homes.

Once the bill passes the House, which appears imminent, and is signed into law, it will give the solar industry better tailwinds than we’ve ever had. It’s not a leap of faith to expect that market demand – from both consumers and businesses — will be swift.

How can you take advantage of the momentum?

Now is the time to reassess your marketing strategies to make sure you’re ready for the rollout of the Act. Is your web site as engaging and effective as it could be? Is it up to date with the latest incentive information from the bill as well as local incentives?

Do your blog posts and social media channels educate and inform your prospects, not just about the process of going solar, but about the advantages of choosing your company in particular?

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Is your brand message clear and distinct?

While demand for solar is bound to be strong over the next few years, the competitive “noise” is likely to increase too. Making sure your company has a clear and differentiated brand message has never been more important.

Clean Power Marketing Group can help. We’ve been working with solar companies across the country since 2015. Because we understand renewable energy – and more importantly, how to talk about it in a clear, powerful and persuasive manner – we hit the ground running to build marketing campaigns and processes that help close sales more efficiently.

Are your marketing and sales systems talking to each other?

It is more important than ever for solar companies to quickly respond to sales inquiries, answer questions, close deals and complete installations on time. It is crucial, especially at this moment, that consumers and businesses alike have a positive experience when they install solar — beginning with the first conversation to the completion of the project. The future of our industry – and our planet – depends on it.

You want your customers to be not only delighted with the experience, but to become advocates about solar in general — and your company in particular.

We’ll help you put in place the right strategies to build and nurture your pipeline. This includes everything from auditing your web site to make sure it’s operating efficiently to optimizing customer reviews as well as developing content like blogs, case studies, email marketing, sales tools and videos. Think of us as a virtual extension of your marketing team.

Leadgen - Clean Power Marketing Group We can also test your sales systems to make sure your response time is competitive and that leads are being handled with care. This combination of marketing and operations follow-through ensures that your marketing dollars are well-spent, with excellent ROI.

The IRA is indeed good news, but we have miles to go before we reach our emissions goals. As an industry, we’ve been waiting for this moment. Together, we will succeed – beyond our expectations.

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