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Branding & Messaging / Integrated Marketing Plans / PR and Media Relations / Product Launches / Content Development & Marketing / Web Design / Inbound Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Search Engine Optimization / Video Production

We provide clean energy marketing services that convert prospects into customers — and customers into brand champions.

Strategic Planning

We’re natural collaborators. Wherever you are in your clean energy marketing strategy, CPMG can help. Our first step in a client relationship is to establish a strategic foundation based on your business objectives. Then we work closely with you to develop an executable marketing plan that delivers on those objectives.

Marketing Research

Can you identify your most profitable business segments and are you doing everything you can to expand your share of that market? We’ll help you zero in on high-value markets, and maximize your return through audience research, segmentation and targeting. We can also facilitate focus group research and customer surveys.

Branding/Identity/Message Development

Do you need to name your product, service, or even your company? Have a great name and visual identity but your messaging needs work?  From brand creation to product messaging, we’ll make your clean energy brand shine.

Public Relations

Whether you’re introducing a new technology or announcing a strategic acquisition, we have the PR chops to help. We’ve handled PR for organizations large and small, and can create a full-scale B2B or B2C PR strategy that’s right for your needs.

Content and Social Media

A core piece of an integrated marketing strategy is the content you create — but who has time to develop content? We’ll create an editorial calendar pegged to news and opportunities in your industry, and keep your content fresh and original. Whether you need to launch a blog or develop customer case studies, white papers, e-books or just need more hands for your social media platforms, we can help.

Creative Development

Is your creative delivering the results you need? We’re clean energy marketing specialists, and can help you create the campaign deliverables with on-point messaging and great ROI. Why pay for a learning curve when you can work with a team who knows the industry?


Full-Circle Metrics & Reporting

Every project or campaign we execute is evaluated against the objectives we set forth in the plan. You get regular reports on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the campaign timeline.